Angie has a true gift! Through working with Angie, I discovered trauma that I was holding in my body and with her guidance I was able to release that trauma. She creates a space that is warm, loving, and safe. Her practice engages you in a comfortable and inviting way and her voice is truly so kind and soothing. I do not understand how the body-mind connection works, but it does. I highly recommend trusting Angie to work with you and help your body process what it is holding. Angie is a true professional and so knowledgeable and dedicated to her practice. It is well worth your time and investment.” ~Wendi P.

“Angie has been an instrumental person in our daughter’s journey of healing from early childhood trauma.  Her thoughtful, gentle approach really connected with our daughter and made her feel safe and able to trust the work Angie was doing with her.  We have seen such a change in our daughter’s ability to connect with and express her feelings in positive ways.  Her self-confidence has grown, as well as her ability to relate with others.  Our entire family has experienced the positive impact of Angie’s work through the healing of relationships and a deeper connection as a family.  We are so grateful for Angie and the work she has done with our daughter.” ~Deb H. 

What I love about my sessions with Angie is her ability to tune into your immediate needs while also focusing on what will support your growth long term. She brings a depth of knowledge to every session and presents it in a way that is accessible, relatable and allows for multiple points of exploration. She has assisted me in finding solutions that work for my own body, mind, soul and life that are sustainable through movement and attention.” ~Anna H.

Angie is genuine, caring and fully present with others.  She is able to create a space that is non-judgmental and safe, allowing for others to truly be themselves.  Angie’s passion for freedom, truth, healing and wholeness comes through in all she does.~Rebecca G.

“I just had my first appointment with Angie. I had heard the importance of the mind/body connection and grounding, but hadn’t experienced it like this before. I don’t think I realized the stress I was carrying with me until I physically felt the tension leave my body as she worked with me. I left feeling more relaxed and in control than I have in a long time. And on top of it, it was fun and not intimidating like I thought it might be. Angie knows what your unique body needs and knows how to get you where you want to be.” ~Jill G.

“I loved how personable she is. Angie made me feel very comfortable and relaxed after just one session with her.~Chary J.

I must say I was hesitant on doing this but it didn’t take long into our first session and Angie’s professional, yet fun personality put me at ease and I was actually having fun! I was able to relax as she has an enjoyable sense of humor which she intertwined with her great knowledge of how the body and mind work together. Angie is very intuitive and a great listener which helped her to incorporate new ideas, along with the tried and true, while building personalized sessions off previous ones. Her soothing voice and encouraging words are inspiring. I highly recommend all couples do this work with Angie!” ~Glenn T.

Angie is an amazing person/leader. She is intuitive, wise, compassionate, and leads from her heart. Her enthusiasm is inviting and & her skillset of teaching is impeccable.~Linda T.