About Angie

“For thirty years I have studied the body’s ability to express, relate, communicate and heal. My own journey with my body has not always been easy. Injury, illness, grief and loss have made their homes within me, but each day I am given another opportunity to release them through movement. I am passionate about equipping others to move well and live free, because how we move matters…for ourselves, our relationships, our families and communities.”
~Angie Yetzke, owner

  • Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME/T)
  • Certified Movement Analyst (CMA)
  • Dynamic Embodiment™ Practitioner (DEP)
  • Master of Fine Arts (Performance-Choreography, U of WI – Milwaukee)

Angie brings thirty years’ experience in movement and movement education to her work with individuals, couples, health professionals, work teams and ministries. In addition to personalized therapy and group education, Angie offers therapeutic support programs for individuals and couples affected by breast cancer or Parkinson’s Disease and movement coaching for leaders, performing artists and athletes.

Angie is genuine, caring and fully present with others.  She is able to create a space that is non-judgmental and safe, allowing for others to truly be themselves.  Angie’s passion for freedom, truth, healing and wholeness comes through in all she does.

Rebecca G.