Movement for the Workplace

Breathe, renew and reset at work

We hear so much these days about “work-life” balance. What if you could find balance at work? Your body can help you do exactly that.

Our bodies feel. Our bodies are intuitive. Our bodies lead us in decision-making. A healthy body-mind connection is not some crazy new-age idea. It is about moving your body with awareness and intention, grounding yourself in the present, and communicating with your whole self clearly and confidently. And when you and your team are grounded and connected, the result is greater productivity.

Somatic movement is gentle, life-giving movement that releases, awakens and enlivens your FEELING body for stronger body-mind connection.

Please visit the CONTACT page to schedule a complimentary consultation for your work team. Weekly worksite visits are limited to the Greater Grand Rapids area.

As a Certified Movement Analyst, I also offer coaching for individuals and teams interested in better understanding and utilizing the body in decision-making, communicating and leading. CONTACT me to learn more.

“I loved how personable she is. Angie made me feel very comfortable and relaxed after just one session with her. “

Chary J.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that allows you to lie on the floor, sit and move comfortably through the space; bare feet or socks. Knee pads, a blanket and a couple small to medium pillows recommended for more comfortable “floor work.”

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