Wellness and Wholeness through Movement

To connect with our bodies is to learn to trust ourselves, and from that comes power. 


Reimagine. Restore. Reclaim.

Somatic movement therapy and education for physical and emotional healing

You are a unique mover with a distinct movement “signature.” Understanding your movement patterns and your potential for movement expression brings health and healing to your body, mind and soul.

Reimagine your body.

  • “Organize” your movement for increased function, strength and agility.
  • Re-pattern muscle chains for decreased pain and improved range of motion.
  • Support organ function for immune, cardiovascular and digestive health.

Restore your brain.

  • Improve mental acuity for clearer thinking and decisive action-taking.
  • Increase body-mind connection for prevention of injury and illness.
  • Breathe fully and easily for a healthy nervous system.

Reclaim your soul.

  • Practice bold and sensitive expression for confidence and risk-taking.
  • Fine-tune body language for fulfilling personal and professional relationships.
  • Release emotional tension for decreased anxiety and increased JOY!

Offerings for Individuals, Couples and Communities


Why movement?

Movement is critical for maintaining and optimizing physical, mental and emotional health. It is the gateway to feeling good in your body and about your body, the key to building confidence and taking action, and the bridge to enjoying healthy and vibrant relationships.

What is somatic movement?

Somatic movement refers to mindful movement that integrates body and brain in order to gain self-awareness of individual movement patterns. Moving with self-awareness, the body improves function and expression, and the brain learns to mindfully listen and respond to the body’s signals. In other words, by moving well, we can prevent and recover from injury and illness; we can think clearly and effectively; we can healthfully manage stress and trauma; and we can authentically communicate and connect with others, physically and emotionally.

Through mindful and gentle, science-based movement, somatic movement therapy and education promote physical, mental and emotional health, creativity, confidence and empowerment while giving tools to holistically manage

Injury ~ Pain ~ Illness ~ Neuro-muscular/skeletal disorders
Anxiety ~ Trauma ~ Cognitive or behavioral issues
Relationship challenges ~ Conflict resolution
(Special programs for breast cancer and Parkinson’s Disease)
About me…

As a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME), a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), and a Dynamic Embodiment Practitioner (DEP 2021), I know, understand and teach movement through a scientific lens, with focus on the neuromuscular and neuroskeletal workings of the body. With a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography and Performance and thirty plus years performing, choreographing and educating in the dance field, I know, understand and teach movement through an expressive lens, with focus on authenticity and clear communication.

Rhythm is integral to my practice, because it is through rhythm that we connect the scientific and the expressive. Rhythm is already present in us through the beating of our hearts, the pumping of our blood and the inhale and exhale of our breath. Our bodies and brains long to be moved and stimulated through rhythm because it’s what they know. As a researcher and scholar in the field of historically-rooted jazz dance, I recognize the healing power of music and rhythm to rejuvenate the soul, invigorate relationships and build community.

I believe how we move and why we move matters, that the how and why is different for everyone, and that rhythm helps us find our place in the world.

What I love about my sessions with Angie is her ability to tune into your immediate needs while also focusing on what will support your growth long term.  She brings a depth of knowledge to every session and presents it in a way that is accessible, relatable and allows for multiple points of exploration.  She has assisted me in finding solutions that work for my own body, mind, soul and life that are sustainable through movement and attention. 

Anna, Professor, wisconsin
Angela Yetzke, owner and founder (Photo: Alexa Lynn)