Professionals’ Training

This was one of the best trainings I have ever done. Angie is incredibly knowledgeable and presented the material in a way that was engaging, understandable, and practical. I learned so much about myself and my body, and gained invaluable insight into my work with couples, families, and individuals. Angie has such a gentle manner, but also challenged me to push my growth edge and take risks. I highly recommend this training for any person with a body.


Mindful Counseling, Grand Rapids, MI

The body has an amazing ability to protect, regulate, communicate and heal, and body awareness and clear movement expression are critical for strong and healthy families, marriages, work teams and communities. In other words, how people move (and how you move when guiding them) matters.

Through body awareness and movement that releases, awakens and enlivens the FEELING body, you can guide others in finding resilience, purpose, sensitivity and freedom, all without saying a word. Somatic movement education/therapy is a holistic approach to moving well that focuses on the internal experience of the moving body rather than an external end result like building muscle or losing weight. Moving the body with awareness and intention brings together the physical, mental and emotional parts of our being.

Sensing ~ Feeling ~ MOVING is a series of three 3-hour workshops designed to help you as a health or education professional confidently, effectively and joyfully bring the body into your work with patients, clients or students while simultaneously increasing knowledge of and connection to your own feeling, moving BODY. Book one or book all three. A one-hour “intro” workshop is also available. Learn more about the Sensing ~ Feeling ~ MOVING curriculum below.

Helping your clients (and yourself)
MOVE well and live free

Calm and ground your nervous system; enhance focus and productivity

Improve range of motion and coordination; decrease tension and chronic pain

Boost confidence and mood; enhance expression and communication

SENSING ~ FEELING ~ MOVING for Health and Education Professionals

Class size is limited to ensure personal attention and feedback, supporting your wellness and wholeness while equipping you to care for others.

Course includes certificate of completion, a study guide for future reference, helpful resources, and video access to movement exercises and experiences to apply immediately in your practice. 

What to wear: Please dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to lie, sit, stand and move comfortably. Layers to cover knees and elbows for comfortable “floor work” is recommended.

All abilities welcome. Please consult with your health care provider prior to participating.

Health Waiver

Please print and complete the HEALTH WAIVER below and bring to first class. All abilities welcome. Please consult with your health care provider prior to participating.