Parkinson’s Disease

“I must say I was hesitant on doing this but it didn’t take long into our first session and Angie’s professional, yet fun personality put me at ease & I was actually having fun! I was able to relax as she has an enjoyable sense of humor she intertwined with her great knowledge of how the body and mind work together. Angie is very intuitive and a great listener which helped her to incorporate new ideas, along with the tried and true, while building personalized sessions off previous ones. Her soothing voice and encouraging words are inspiring. I would highly recommend to all couples to do this work with Angie as they will benefit so much from their investment of time and money.” 

Glenn (individual living with Parkinson’s Disease, Grand Rapids)

Movement, Music & Connection™

Dance and music have shown to improve bodily control, reduce symptoms and increase energy for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. But it’s more than just dance and music. It’s understanding movement and rhythm through the eye of the brain.

Somatic movement is gentle, science-based movement that connects the feeling, moving body with the thinking, processing brain. For people living with Parkinson’s, the body-brain connection is vital.

Movement, Music & Connection™ brings together somatic movement, movement repatterning, dance and music to help individuals and couples keep symptoms at bay while keeping life (and love!) vibrant.

Spouses participate for free! (Click on the COUPLES page to learn more about movement communication in marriage.)

Therapy sessions take place at Trio Wellspace, 486 Century Lane, Holland, MI 49423. In-home therapy and on-site education are also available. (Additional travel fees apply.)

No experience necessary; customized to individual abilities and disease progression. Please discuss participation with your healthcare provider.

Learn more about dance and Parkinson’s through the following sites:
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Helping people living with Parkinson’s MOVE well and live free

Calm and ground your nervous system; increase focus and productivity

Improve coordination; support your organs; decrease tension and chronic pain

Enhance expression and communication; boost your confidence and mood


*Please note: This program does not replace any Parkinson’s treatment or offer any medical advice for Parkinson’s.