Movement for Ministry

Classes, workshops and retreats
for women and couples

“In Him, we live and MOVE and have our being.”

Acts 17:28

Pastor and Ministry Friends – What a gift Angie is for our Couples’ Ministry at Life Stream. Angie is anointed to lead couples into healthy relationships. She and her teaching are so engaging and interesting. And my wife, Terri, and I actually learned to dance!

Dr. Jim Maness
Lead Pastor, Life Stream Church, Allendale

God created our bodies to be expressive, communicative, self-healing, and most of all, to feel. Somatic movement is gentle, life-giving movement that releases, awakens and enlivens the feeling body for optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Because 55% of human communication is non-verbal, a strong body-mind-faith connection and clear movement expression are critical for strong and healthy families, marriages and church communities.

In other words, how people move matters.

I am passionate about bringing this work to churches and ministry centers and sharing God’s vision for embodied faith, worship, service and, my favorite, marriages.

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