Babies, Kids and Teens

Babies and parents can prepare for meaningful births, heal birth trauma, attach and thrive…

Kids and teens can build resilience, express themselves thoughtfully, communicate effectively, learn and achieve…through somatic movement education and therapy.

Prenatal and early infancy support
Birth trauma recovery and attachment
Foster and adoption challenges
Infant, child and teen mental health
Physical and learning disabilities
Behavior issues
Family relationships

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The body feels and moves, and the brain thinks and processes…in that order. In other words, movement leads the way as children grow, beginning IN UTERO! Sometimes important stages of developmental movement are missed, and this can affect babies, kids and teens in big ways. 

There can be several reasons for missed stages…C-section or other birth complications, attachment difficulty due to adoption or early separation from Mom post-birth, a lack of “tummy time,” abuse, neglect or simply baby’s eagerness to get walking, to name a few.

Whatever the reason, skipped “actions” can lead to an unbalanced nervous system, and an unbalanced nervous system can impede healthy physical, mental and emotional development. This might show up as a physical challenge, a learning disability, anxiety, depression, struggle with focus, behavioral issues, repeated injury or a weakened immune system, all of which can negatively affect self-esteem and relationships.

Somatic movement is gentle movement that helps your child connect the feeling/moving body with the thinking/processing brain. Through science-based repatterning of movement, your child’s nervous system can find balance, and your child’s body can do the things it was created to do: regulate, protect, express, communicate and partner with the brain in learning.

I strive to make movement exploration enjoyable and the scientific learning appropriate for every age. Parental participation is not only welcomed and encouraged but vital to the process. 

Let’s get your child’s healthy development (and your family dynamic) back on track!

Helping families MOVE well and live free

Calm and ground the nervous system; increase focus and productivity

Improve coordination; support the organs; decrease tension and chronic pain

Enhance expression and communication; boost confidence and mood