For Parents-To-Be

Coming January 2022 – Dates/Time yet to be determined.
(Must be present for all 4 classes. Class size is limited.)

Cost: $175/couple — Cash, check or credit (with 3% service charge) due at first class.

Location: 500 W 17th, Suite 2, Holland, MI (McAlpine Chiropractic, west entrance)

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that allows you to lie on the floor, sit and move through the space comfortably; bare feet or socks

Whether baby number one or baby number ten,
you are stronger than you think, and everything you need is already inside of you.
Faith over fear.


Co-taught with Bonny Mate, Doula.

This faith-based course for moms AND dads-to-be will emphasize body-mind-faith connection in preparing for labor and delivery. Not only for first-time parents (although please leave other children with a caregiver), and all stages of pregnancy and single parents are welcome. Please consult with your health care provider prior to participating.

Somatic movement connects the thinking brain and the feeling body. Through somatic movement education, parents-to-be can learn to move with awareness and intention, finding both strength and peace through the body, in preparation for childbirth and their role as parents.

And relationships benefit, too. Because 55% of human communication is non-verbal, clear movement communication is critical for strong marriages and families. Joy, pain, fear, anger…We experience and express everything through movement. (And you may experience each of those in childbirth alone!) But grounded in body, mind and faith, parents-to-be can learn to move and communicate clearly and effectively to prepare for an amazing birth experience.

As a Dynamic Embodiment™ practitioner, I blend movement with therapeutic touch and conscious and compassionate dialogue in my somatic movement education work with parents-to-be. As a Certified Movement Analyst, I use my skills in observing, analyzing, understanding and teaching the functional and expressive aspects of movement to help families live more fully and freely.

‘GROUNDED: For Parents-To-Be’ is a faith-based course, but it is not a Bible study. Faith happens in the moving. God created our bodies to be resilient, expressive, communicative and self-healing, and it through that lens that I observe, analyze, understand and teach movement.

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