Marriage Counselors & Pastors

Coming Spring 2022

Includes Interactive observation of
Grounded: For Couples
(Must be present for all 4 classes. Class size is limited.)

Location: 500 W 17th, Suite 2, Holland, MI (McAlpine Chiropractic, west entrance)
(or ask about an on-site workshop for your community)

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that allows you to lie on the floor, sit and move through the space comfortably; bare feet or socks

God designed our bodies to be communicative and expressive. How we move in relationship to another person matters, especially in marriage.


This faith-based course equips marriage counselors and pastors with deeper knowledge of movement and touch-communication to better support their work with couples. All abilities welcome. Please consult with your health care provider prior to participating.

Did you know that 55% of communication is non-verbal? Love, fear, anger, apathy…We can express anything through movement. How couples move in relationship to one another (and how you move when guiding them) matters!

God’s design of masculinity and femininity within the marriage relationship can be beautifully explored through movement. By increasing your own understanding of movement and touch-communication, you can help couples move together with resilience, purpose, sensitivity and freedom, and help yourself inspire trust, exude warmth, genuinely empathize and kindly challenge, all without saying a word.

In this 4-week course, we will dive into Godly marriage through Laban Movement Analysis® and the OSO model.

  • Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) — A comprehensive framework for understanding and analyzing the ‘what, how, where and why’ of movement and touch-communication. Learn more here.  
  • The OSO model: OBSERVE your clients’ movement and movement interaction; SUPPORT what is working well; and OFFER new movement OPTIONS for better relational OUTCOMES.
    *developed by Dr. Martha Eddy, founder of Dynamic Embodiment

‘GROUNDED: For Marriage Counselors and Pastors’ is a faith-based course, but it is not a Bible study. Faith happens in the moving. God created our bodies to be resilient, expressive, communicative and self-healing, and it through that lens that I observe, analyze, understand and teach movement.

Testimonial from Dr. Jim Maness,
Lead Pastor of Life Stream Church, Allendale

Pastor and Ministry Friends – What a gift Angie is for our Couples Ministry at Life Stream. Angie is anointed to lead couples into healthy relationships. She and her teaching are so engaging and interesting. And my wife, Terri, and I actually learned to dance!

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