Breast Cancer Survivors

Dates/Time: Stay tuned for another course this spring!
(Must be present for all 4 classes. Class size is limited.)

Location: 500 W 17th, Suite 2, Holland, MI (McAlpine Chiropractic, west entrance)
(or ask about an on-site workshop for your community)

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that allows you to lie on the floor, sit and move through the space comfortably; bare feet or socks

The first step in healing is reconnecting with your body, your feeling, intuitive, emotional center.
I know because I’ve been there.


This faith-based course for younger breast cancer survivors will emphasize wholeness for body and mind post-cancer, all through movement. All ages and abilities welcome. Please consult with your health care provider prior to participating.

Somatic movement is life-giving movement that releases, awakens and enlivens the feeling body. for optimal physical and emotional (and spiritual) health. Through somatic movement education, breast cancer survivors can learn to reconnect with their bodies following illness. During and after my own experience with breast cancer, I struggled to feel whole, physically and emotionally, and somatic movement therapy was critical in my recovery.

And relationships benefit, too. Reconnecting with your body post-breast cancer allows your body to once again feel, communicate and express. Because 55% of human communication is non-verbal, re-establishing a body-mind-faith connection and full-body-wholeness greatly impacts love relationships. In other words, how you move (and how you feel about your communicative, expressive, feeling body) matters, for you and your partner.

~Gentle, life-giving movement and dance to support whole body coordination, emotional wellness, confidence and empowerment.

~Muscle re-patterning to decrease pain and regain optimal function

~Recuperative breath work and deep relaxation to calm the nervous system

~Focus strategies to maintain mental acuity

As a Dynamic Embodiment™ practitioner, I blend body awareness and life-giving movement with therapeutic touch and compassionate listening in my somatic movement education work with breast cancer survivors. As a Certified Movement Analyst, I use my skills in observing, analyzing, understanding and teaching the functional and expressive aspects of movement to help survivors and their partners live more fully and freely.

‘GROUNDED: For Younger Breast Cancer Survivors’ is a faith-based course, but it is not a Bible study. Faith happens in the moving. God created our bodies to be resilient, expressive, communicative and self-healing, and it through that lens that I observe, analyze, understand and teach movement.

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