Somatic Movement
Education and Therapy


Feeling, receiving, giving, taking, leading and following… All are necessary in relationship, and all can be practiced on a dance floor. No “dredging up the past” required.

Does your relationship ever feel “stuck?” Does it ever feel like you can’t communicate, even when you’re talking all the time?

What if your relationship could feel and be exciting and vibrant? What if you could move together through life in a way that deepened trust, expanded communication and built intimacy, with focus on the present rather than the past? What if doing so could change everything you thought you knew — about yourselves, each other and your life together?

Resilience. Purpose. Sensitivity. Freedom.

Moving with awareness and intention invites you into fuller, freer living, separately and together. This is because you feel emotion and experience life through your bodies, not your brains. When couples are connected to and grounded by their bodies, they can stay in the present to release what holds them back and trust the beauty that lies ahead.

As a Dynamic Embodiment™ practitioner, I blend gentle, life-giving movement with therapeutic touch, body awareness, and body-centered listening in my work with couples. As a Certified Movement Analyst, I use my skills in observing, analyzing, understanding and teaching the functional and expressive aspects of movement to help couples live more fully and freely, separately and together.

It’s never too late to have a resilient, purposeful, sensitive and free marriage/relationship. The answers are closer than you think. Trust your bodies.

  • Move together with RESILIENCE: Recover quickly from misunderstandings. Have faith in yourselves and grace for each other. Ground yourselves in the present and trust what lies ahead.
  • Move together with PURPOSE: Make choices that reflect your self-worth while honoring and loving your partner. Set clear boundaries. Communicate effectively. Step confidently toward each other.
  • Move together with SENSITIVITY: Wake up your senses. See and be seen. Listen and be heard. Communicate with authenticity, softness and warmth. Feel and experience being together in new ways.
  • Move together with FREEDOM: Release hurt, anger or guilt lodged in your bodies. Re-establish trust. Be in the flow of joy, fun, laughter and gratitude.

Personalized Somatic Movement Sessions for couples are fun, enlightening, empowering and specific to you and your partner your closeness, your intimacy, your life together.

Trust your bodies.

Ask about custom-made group classes, workshops and retreats.

Getting married? Considering marriage? Ask about pre-marital and pre-engagement somatic movement education.

I must say I was hesitant on doing this but it didn’t take long into our first session and Angie’s professional, yet fun personality put me at ease & I was actually having fun! I was able to relax as she has an enjoyable sense of humor she intertwined with her great knowledge of how the body and mind work together. Angie is very intuitive and a great listener which helped her to incorporate new ideas, along with the tried and true, while building personalized sessions off previous ones. Her soothing voice and encouraging words are inspiring. I would highly recommend to all couples (including engaged or newlyweds) to do this work with Angie as they will benefit so much from their investment of time and money.”      

Glenn T.

“Angie is an amazing person/leader. She is intuitive, wise, compassionate, and leads from her heart. Her enthusiasm is inviting and & her skillset of teaching is impeccable.”    

Linda T.

What’s next?

  1. Schedule a complimentary phone consultation.
  2. Explore personalized goals for a vibrant relationship.
  3. Move with me weekly to listen to your bodies, wake up your senses and clarify your physical communication.
  4. Start a new chapter of physical and emotional freedom, together.



FAQs about services for couples
What happens in a somatic movement session for couples?

In your first session, we will discuss your goals as a couple and then explore positive tension and nonverbal communication through basic slow-dancing and other movement activities. So much can be learned about yourself and your partner through movement that requires leading and following, giving and receiving.

Moving together with resilience, purpose, sensitivity and freedom brings new closeness and intimacy, new modes of communication and new ways to be together, all while focusing on the present rather than the past. There will never be a “wrong” way to move, and I will always respect your comfort levels.

I aim to make your personalized sessions fun, enlightening and empowering, providing music that you both love or loved in your early ‘together’ days. 

Your first session is 90 minutes. Additional sessions are 60 minutes.

So we’re just dancing?

You will use movement and basic slow-dancing to learn about yourselves and each other. (If dancing is something you both already enjoy, we can move beyond ‘basic,’ but sessions are not about the steps.)

Is Somatic Movement Education right for us?

You won’t know until you try it, but this is what I know: Relationships are about feeling, and feeling takes place in the body, not the brain. Your body responds and reacts to your partner’s body. That’s because 55% of your communication is through body language. How you carry yourself and how you physically move through the world matters, for yourself and for your partner. Connecting through movement and touch brings feeling to the forefront.

How many sessions will we need?

I recommend a minimum of eight sessions, but you may find the results you’re looking for more quickly. There will be check-ins at the beginning of our sessions so that you will clearly know when your goals have been met.

What if my partner or I have a disability or injury?

Somatic movement can be an appropriate option for those with disabilities, chronic injury/pain or chronic illness because the approach respects individual abilities and wellness and treats the whole person – physically, mentally and emotionally. Prior to your first session we will discuss any issues or concerns to ensure a plan that works for you.