Breast Cancer

Somatic Movement
Education and Therapy


Breast cancer takes its toll.
It’s your feeling body that puts you back together.

Following my experience with breast cancer, I struggled to feel whole physically AND emotionally. The well-meaning pink ribbons each October were a constant reminder of pain and loss. What I needed (and what modern medicine could not give me) was a reconnection with my body.

Your body, like mine, was created to EXPRESS emotion, COMMUNICATE with others and EXPERIENCE life.

Your movement patterns, like mine, reflect your body’s efforts to protect you from trauma, anger, grief and fear. Those four words — trauma, anger, grief, fear — are typically present in the breast cancer journey. And if you have a partner on this road with you, chances are they are present for him, too.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to somatic movement that things began to change for the better, for me and for my marriage. Somatic movement is gentle, life-giving movement that RELEASES, AWAKENS and ENLIVENS the feeling body for optimal physical and emotional health.

From early breast cancer diagnosis to multi-year survivorship, there is physical AND emotional healing available through reconnection with your feeling body.

For You

Recently diagnosed?

  • Tune in to your feeling body
  • Ground yourself and your nervous system
  • Prepare physically and emotionally to ensure your best possible outcome

Undergoing treatment?

  • Combat fatigue and cognitive fog
  • Minimize depression and pain
  • Care for yourself with gentleness, purpose, joy and humor

Living beyond breast cancer?

  • Resolve pain and restriction
  • Release lingering trauma months or years post-breast cancer
  • Feel, do and experience more

~Gentle, life-giving movement and dance to support whole body coordination, emotional wellness, confidence and empowerment.
~Hands-on techniques to support the skin, fascia and lymphatic system 
~Muscle re-patterning to decrease pain and regain optimal function
~Recuperative breath work and deep relaxation to calm the nervous system
~Focus strategies to maintain mental acuity

Personalized Somatic Movement Sessions are enlightening, empowering and specific to YOU 
– your healing, wellness and wholeness.

For You and Your Partner

Love each other well, physically and emotionally.

Relationships are about feeling, and feeling takes place in the body, not the brain. Your body responds and reacts to your partner’s body. That’s because 55% of your communication is through body language. So much can be learned about yourself and your partner through movement that requires leading, following, giving and receiving.

Couples’ sessions are about connecting physically and emotionally, and moving together with resilience, purpose, sensitivity and freedom. When couples are connected to and grounded by their bodies in the face of illness, they can stay in the present to release what holds them back and trust the beauty that lies ahead. And there will be beauty ahead.

While somatic therapy for couples does involve dialogue and dancing, it is not talk therapy or dance class. Rather, it is a fun, enlightening and empowering way to protect, invest in and grow your relationship through breast cancer and beyond.

MOVE together with…
RESILIENCE: Ground yourself in the present and trust the beauty that lies ahead
PURPOSE: Make the big decisions…together
SENSITIVITY: Wake up your senses, communicate warmth and build intimacy
FREEDOM: Release, awaken and enliven your bodies; reclaim joy, laughter, love and gratitude

Learn more about couple’s somatic movement therapy on the COUPLES page.

As a Dynamic Embodiment™ practitioner, I blend gentle, life-giving movement with body awareness and body-centered listening in my work with clients. As a Certified Movement Analyst, I use my skills in observing, analyzing, understanding and teaching the functional and expressive aspects of movement to help my clients live more fully and freely.

If your body has been a source of pain, hurt or shame, the thought of connecting with your body may sound daunting. We’ll do it together.

Body Awareness
Body-Centered Listening
Gentle, Life-Giving Movement
that releases, awakens and enlivens
the FEELING body

MOVE well.
Live free.

Trust your body.

“I just had my first appointment with Angie. I had heard the importance of the mind/body connection and grounding, but hadn’t experienced it like this before. I don’t think I realized the stress I was carrying with me until I physically felt the tension leave my body as she worked with me. I left feeling more relaxed and in control than I have in a long time. And on top of it, it was fun and not intimidating like I thought it might be. Angie knows what your unique body needs and knows how to get you where you want to be.”

jill G.

What’s next?

  1. Schedule a complimentary phone consultation.
  2. Explore personalized goals for wellness and wholeness.
  3. Move with me weekly to listen to your body, wake up your senses, repattern your movement and clarify your physical communication.
  4. Start a new chapter of physical and emotional freedom.



FAQs about services for adults
What happens in a somatic movement session?

There will be times when you follow my demonstration and times when you explore your own ways of moving based on my direction. Connecting with your body takes time, especially if you haven’t felt in touch with your emotions in a while. There will never be a “wrong” way to move, and I will always respect your comfort level. I seek to make sessions rejuvenating, enlightening and empowering. No mundane “exercises” or “dredging up the past” required.

Visit the COUPLES page to learn more about somatic movement therapy for couples. Specific FAQs can be found at the bottom of that page.

Your first session (intake) is 90 minutes. Ongoing sessions are 60 minutes.

Is Somatic Movement Education right for me?

You won’t know until you try it, but this is what I know: Your body is your feeling, intuitive, emotional center, and no matter the leg of your breast cancer journey, you need the intelligence and sensitivity of your body to get you through. Modern medicine exists to rid you of disease. Your feeling body puts you back together.

Your connection to and trust in your body matters, for yourself and for those you love.

How many sessions will I need?

I recommend a minimum of eight sessions, but you may find the results you’re looking for more quickly. There will be check-ins at the beginning of our sessions so that you will clearly know when your goals have been met.

What if I have a disability or injury?

Somatic movement can be an appropriate option for those with disabilities, chronic injury/pain or chronic illness because the approach respects individual abilities and wellness and treats the whole person – physically, mentally and emotionally. Prior to your first session we will discuss any issues or concerns to ensure a plan that works for you.

Ask about custom-made group classes, workshops and retreats.