Breast Cancer

Recently diagnosed? You can ensure your best possible outcome and maintain your ‘YOU’ throughout the experience. Undergoing treatment? You can combat fatigue, brain fog, depression and pain, and care for yourself with gentleness, joy and humor. Living beyond breast cancer? You can FEEL more, do more and experience more than you thought possible…all through somatic movement education and therapy.

Following my experience with breast cancer in 2017, I struggled to feel whole, physically, mentally and emotionally. It wasn’t until I was introduced to somatic movement that things began to change for the better, for me and for my marriage.

Somatic movement education/therapy is a holistic approach to moving well that focuses on the internal experience of the moving body rather than an external end result like building muscle or losing weight. Moving the body with awareness and intention brings together the physical, mental and emotional parts of our being.

From early breast cancer diagnosis to multi-year survivorship, you CAN feel and be whole with knowledge of and connection to your feeling, moving BODY.

Spouses participate for free because sometimes they need the tools to be your hero. Here is my message to all heroes-in-the-making:
Dear Hero, 
My husband has been where you are. At the time of my diagnosis he would have done anything to “fix it.” Post-surgery, he would have done anything to help me “get back to normal.” He hated knowing that he couldn’t. It wasn’t his fault — I couldn’t express to him what I needed. (Breast cancer is complicated!) Together we learned (the hard way) that wishing for the past kept us from envisioning an even better future. Our story led me to develop “Shared Sessions” for the women and their partners experiencing and living beyond breast cancer. And while Chris and I are still finding our way, this is what I know: You are critical to your partner’s progress in reimagining, restoring and reclaiming her body post-breast cancer, and that joining her for “Shared Sessions” is nothing short of heroic. The “Shared Sessions” will, however, not only be about her; they will also be about you. In other words, YOU, and your experience as a breast cancer partner, matter.This is not talk therapy; rather the sessions will focus on how you move together, touch each other, support each other and laugh together. Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis or living thirty years post-cancer, you and your partner CAN experience greater physical intimacy and greater emotional closeness. It would be my honor to help you get there.

Click to watch my interview with Grand Rapids-based Gilda’s Club on “somatic movement as part of cancer recovery.”

Supporting you during breast cancer and beyond

Calm and ground your nervous system; increase focus and productivity

Improve coordination; support your organs; decrease tension and chronic pain

Enhance expression and communication; boost your confidence and mood


*Please note: This is a support program and does not replace any breast cancer treatment or offer any medical advice for breast cancer.

“I just had my first appointment with Angie. I had heard the importance of the mind/body connection and grounding, but hadn’t experienced it like this before. I don’t think I realized the stress I was carrying with me until I physically felt the tension leave my body as she worked with me. I left feeling more relaxed and in control than I have in a long time. And on top of it, it was fun and not intimidating like I thought it might be. Angie knows what your unique body needs and knows how to get you where you want to be.”

Jill G.