You can feel good in your body and about your body, find strength and take action, develop and maintain healthy relationships and unleash your creativity…through somatic movement education and therapy.

Do you ever notice the effect physical pain or injury can have on your emotions? Or how your body feels when you experience stress, anger or grief? You may have known your body and mind are connected, but did you know the way you move (and communicate through movement) indicates your state of physical, mental and emotional wellness and profoundly impacts your relationships? Learn more about this on the FAQ page.

If you’re seeking treatment for either your physical or emotional pain without acknowledging the other, you may not be healing.

Somatic movement is gentle movement that helps adults connect their feeling, moving bodies with their thinking, processing brains. “Soma” is simply the Greek word for “living body.” In an educational/therapeutic setting, somatic movement is a holistic, guided approach to moving well that helps people focus on the internal experience of the feeling, moving body rather than an external end result like building muscle or losing weight. Moving the body with awareness and intention brings together the physical, mental and emotional parts of our being.

Helping you MOVE well and live free

Calm and ground your nervous system; increase focus and productivity

Improve coordination; support your organs; decrease tension and chronic pain

Enhance expression and communication; boost your confidence and mood


Angie has a true gift! Through working with Angie, I discovered trauma that I was holding in my body and with her guidance I was able to release that trauma. She creates a space that is warm, loving, and safe. Her practice engages you in a comfortable and inviting way and her voice is truly so kind and soothing. I do not understand how the body-mind connection works, but it does. I highly recommend trusting Angie to work with you and help your body process what it is holding. Angie is a true professional and so knowledgeable and dedicated to her practice. It is well worth your time and investment.”

Wendi P.